Appointment Sessions
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1. No Sweat Free Introduction
Schedule today to meet with a coach to discuss your goals, and learn more about our gym and how we can partner to help you reach your best!
Limit: 1 Sessions
Services: A No-Sweat Introduction (20 min)
Providers:  Adam Vognild, Jorge Villasenor, Kyle Garrett, Kyle Vierck, Lindsey Weidenbach, Michelle Reid, Morgan Villasenor, Naomi Harrison, Paul Harrison, Sarah Barkley, Stephanie Harrott, Trina Vierck
Locations: CrossFit Covey
2. Nutrition Coaching Intro Consult (30min)
Book an appointment with one of our nutrition coaches to learn more about their services and get started on your journey to your fitness goals!
Limit: 1 Sessions
Services: Nutrition Coaching
Providers:  Lindsey Weidenbach, Sarah Barkley
Locations: CrossFit Covey
3. Client Movement Assessment/Baseline (1hour)
8-part client movement assessment to address full body competency in various ranges of motion and establish safest and best path forward for your unique goals and needs! Paths could include Fundamentals/On-Ramp, Group Classes, Personal Training, or Hybrid options.
Limit: 1 Sessions
Services: Client Movement Assessment/Baseline
Providers:  Kyle Vierck
Locations: CrossFit Covey
4. 4 session pack for On Ramp Session (1 hrs )
4-pack of 1-on-1 personal training sessions designed specifically to address the basic movements and the questions you have getting started safely in CrossFit. Ask all your questions, get safely prepared to join any group class upon completion of our on-ramp program!
Limit: 4 Sessions
Services: On Ramp Session
Providers:  Kyle Garrett, Kyle Vierck, Paul Harrison, Sarah Barkley, Stephanie Harrott
Locations: CrossFit Covey